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abundance is not about painless riches…

Recent letters between Talon Calloway and anon


So I decided to build from scratch. Not a true tabula rasa, since I had a clear image in my mind before I sculpted away at the dense marble, so to speak. Just a way to keep connected. And a way for these lonely ideas to find their home.

We all need solace from time to time. And what better way than through these inaudible conversations. Sometimes hearing your friends’ most intimate thoughts through your own inside reading voice is a spiritual experience unto itself.


lea kobal

yea we’re over it, but it’s far from over

COVID-19. The buzzword of year 2020.

COVID-19 has overridden murmurs of discontent over the political polarization in the United States. COVID-19 has become the stepchild, the whipping boy, the black sheep of The American Dream.

COVID-19 is suddenly tied to the economy, to the lack of standardized health care for all, to a global conundrum lacking tangible solutions, to the environment, and to the future of America altered forever in the face of a catastrophe.

Much like a virus, economic inequality is hard to place, hard to track, and hard to…

Josh Hild

Grief. Anxiety.

Main ingredients in the cuisine of human suffering.

How much of our collective energy is focused on eliminating or understanding these primary fears?

Scientists, thinkers, artists, healers, and anyone seeking to better understand these shadow parts of our psyche have offered innumerable ideas, songs, medicines, and rituals in an attempt to solve, or at least reduce, these challenging elements.

One of the more interesting efforts in recent history is called the Psychomanteum, which is being re-popularized Marilyn Schlitz and Dorote Lucci at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where Arthur Hastings laid the pioneering foundation for this…

Being a writer is like breathing. It brings with it life, clarity, and fuel for the vessel carrying the soul through The Journey.

Learning to write, on the other hand, is like learning to ride a bike. Except that this particular bike is extra jerky, producing constantly-shifting aerodynamics making the rider’s body contort in ways it never experienced. It’s like learning to ride a bike with wheels that are alive and that keep growing and needing more food and nice compliments. The rider becomes a lifelong novice, while simultaneously gains mastery over things she didn’t know existed. And, oh yea…

We can run and hide from everyone and everything.

But eventually we have to face our own reflection. And that, my friend, is the most petrifying (and liberating) thing.


It hit me like a viscous wave — body impossibly fluid and heavy at the same time. I hadn’t felt this sensation in 8 years, but it felt so familiar…as if this was my truest reality all along.

Here we go, again.

The purples and oranges and lavenders and reds and brights! all blended together to create a kaleidoscope of eternal possibility. Yet I was starting to feel like I…

Joel Herzog

How often do we say the words alpha male and empathy in the same sentence? Chances are, we often think the two ideas are like oil and water.

However, according to premier primatologist and researcher, Frans De Waal, modern society has been misinformed about what an Alpha Male really is. Our current view of the alpha male seems rather myopic — it tends to highlight caricature-like strength, large stature, and bully-like behaviors.

It’s no surprise, then, that we normally reserve this social label for those that we deem juvenile, if not downright obnoxious or intimidating. …


How tricky has our relationship to this basic human drive become?

Wikipedia defines pleasure as “…a broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable, or worth seeking.” Merriam-Webster offers a simpler perspective: “A state of gratification.”

Since time immemorial, people have largely misunderstood this primal drive, especially its most tantalizing expressions of sex, food, and drugs. Entire religions, laws, and philosophies have built their bedrock of morality in attempts to curb or control this basic impulse deeply embedded in us. …

Christopher Campbell

The things that make me feel safe and sound are mostly immaterial. Genuine conversations; freedom; music; being deeply understood. Physical objects rarely bring me comfort, but I do find myself fiercely protecting a short list of a few tangible tokens. Tasty, nutritious food; a balanced home; a distraction-free workspace; plants; unique pieces of art.

Take these away from me for too long and I slowly crumble.

Feeling vulnerable is strange for someone who foolishly considers himself impervious to life’s challenges. …

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all well in the midst of what’s going on. What a time to be alive.

First off, sending protection, clarity, and peace to everyone. I pray we’re feeling more settled, and that we’ve gotten some rest and recuperation over the last couple weeks.

Thank you to all the tirelessly laboring social workers, healers, medical professionals, volunteers, and community workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those that have passed during this time. May you move through your chapter of grief with healing and re-connection.

Blessings to…

Aaron Blanco Tejedo

“When you know yourselves, then you will be known…”

A s a kid, I was never the fastest runner. I was an okay athlete though, sometimes able to out-maneuver the more physically-gifted kids on the block, and occasionally out-compete those who hadn’t yet found their confidence or strength. There seemed to be a relentless drive in me that rivaled the ancient martyrs, warriors.

Frustratingly though, that fire of motivation would usually fizz out right before I would finish an important task.

In 7th grade, I faced the harrowing 100 meter dash out in the P.E. yard. I feigned a casual…

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