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we’re all on this ineffable journey…

The things that make me feel safe and sound are mostly immaterial. Physical objects rarely bring me comfort, but I do find myself fiercely protecting a short list of a few tangible tokens.

Take these away from me for too long and I slowly crumble.

Feeling vulnerable is strange for someone who foolishly considers himself impervious to life’s challenges. …

by Sydney Sims


How powerful. And equally sinister.

It’s no wonder that we call the act of constructing words .

Language is truly a spell — an incantation that controls virtually every aspect of life, from media to politics to everyday interactions.

The world of mental health is no exception; it seems to be suffering the same illness as the rest of modern society, but perhaps with more damaging outcomes.

It’s not common for us to think about how mental health labels are often used as a weapon against a person who’s struggling just…

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